Ask the Furniture Expert – Bob Stevenson


Ask the Furniture Expert – Bob Stevenson

Recycling furniture

What to do with my old furniture once we’ve purchased new? That is always a concern  what or where to put my old. Sometimes it just has to go to the dump and it’s done. Sell or give away to family or friends, donate to agencies to help families in need, or consign it and turn into cash back to you.

At Midwest on Main, we offer a consignment service to recycle your old furniture. We have over 5,000 square feet to display and sell used furniture. Even if you purchased your new from a different retailer, we will take your used and recycle it to a new home. As long as it is clean and good condition, we always seem to find a new home for it.

The philosophy is we provide a service, you make some money, we make some money and do not clog up the landfill for awhile. 30 years of doing this we have seen a lot of styles come and go and even return to us for round two in its life cycle.

One person’s junk, may be someone’s treasure.