Ask the Disability Services Expert – Brandon Thomas

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Ask the Disability Services Expert – Brandon Thomas

Common Bedtime Problems

Children need a good night’s sleep so that they have enough energy for the next day’s activities.

What are common bedtime problems?

  • Dawdling
  • Protesting
  • Getting out of bed
  • Refusing to sleep in their own bed

How do I prevent problems at bedtime?

  • Make sure your child is comfortable
  • Set a regular bedtime
  • Establish a bedtime routine
  • Prepare your child ahead of time
  • Say goodnight and leave
  • Encourage desirable behaviour

How do I prepare myself?

You must be ready to start the new bedtime routine. This means being able to be consistent and using the same approach every day. It is best to start when the whole family is relaxed and not under extra stress.

Which approach do I use?

  • Direct- completely ignore your child’s calls and crying-do not talk to them or return to their room
  • Gradual Approach- Delay responding to your child if they cry or call out. Gradually extend the amount of time between your checks. When returning to your child spend only 1 minute settling your child again. Leave your child, even if they are still crying

Other tips:

  • Return your child to their bed if they come out
  • Keep a sleep diary to track progress