Ask the Christian Living Expert – Pastor Philip Robe-From


Ask the Christian Living Expert – Pastor Philip Robe-From

Keep Your Head Up

The giraffe is a fascinating animal.  Its neck can be nine feet long.  From the hoof to the head can be up to twenty feet long.  Why does the giraffe eat at the tops of trees?  The giraffe does so because it can!  There is also a more important reason-it must.

The giraffe’s heart is large.  Weighing in at about thirty pounds, its heart is about the size of a large sack of flour.  This huge heart is intended to pump blood up that long neck.  Why must a giraffe eat from the treetops?  If the giraffe lowers its head for any longer than it takes to get a drink of water, all the blood rushes to its brain and it faints.  The giraffe must eat from up high.

Where do you eat?  Do you stoop to sniff around in the dirt?  Do you find yourself seeking friendship in the wrong places?  Are you drawn to destructive relationships?  Does dysfunction become normal until you faint?  Like the giraffe, you have a big heart.  Your heart is meant for you to have your head up, feeding on the tender leaves for your nourishment, not lowered in shame and humiliation.

Don’t worry about the small haters at your feet.  They eat on the level of their vision.  Like the giraffe, it’s time for you to eat on the level of your vision.  Luke 21:28 says that we should look up and lift up our heads.  Keep your head up.