Ask the Truck and Car Sales Expert – Adam Isfeld


Ask the Truck and Car Sales Expert – Adam Isfeld

Everyone understands the importance of regular maintenance on their car, regular oil changes and engine tune ups help to keep your car running at it’s peak performance.  This is something that Key West Ford knows lots about and our 50 plus certified techs are more than capable of helping you keep your car running at its best.  However, something that often gets over looked is the care of the exterior and interior of a vehicle, not to say that people don’t wash their car, but more that they don’t think to protect it.  At Key West Ford we have a list of things you can do to protect the shine of your new car.

Window Tinting

Window tinting not only helps to make your car look more aggressive and sleek, but it also helps to protect the occupants from harmful UV rays as well as keep the interior of your car cooler while it’s sitting in direct sunlight.  Not only can UV rays harm you, they can also harm the upholstery of your vehicle, the protection from direct sunlight and excessive heat will help to prevent warping, fading and cracking of your dash and or seats.  Window tint also ads privacy to your vehicle keeping your valuables out of sight while you’re parked.

Protection Package

At Key West Ford we know that when you purchase a new vehicle you’re proud of it, to protect that pride we have a range of products and services that will keep it shining for years to come and keep you proud of it.

We offer a Paint Protection Package which is a clear sealant that should be applied to the vehicle as soon as it is purchased.  This puts an extra seal on the paint helping to keep it from fading and protects it from life’s little accidents.  Fabric Protection is also something that we offer and recommend you add to your new vehicle.  The fabric protection is a clear scotch guard spray that gets applied to leather or cloth and helps to protect it from sun damage, cracking, fading as well as protects it from spills making it easier to clean.

Protecting the underside

Just as important as the look of your car is the underside that not everyone sees.  We offer two products that have the ability to protect the vehicle from whatever nature can throw at it.  The first product being a rust inhibitor to protect the frame and underside of your vehicle from the harsh salts and chemicals that are put on roads in the winter time, the second being an under coat this is a thick bed line like material that will further protect the frame and underside of your vehicle.

Bed Liner – Xtreme Liners

At Key West Ford we offer in house bed liners.  Xtreme Liners uses a high pressure polyurethane spray that is guaranteed to protect your bed from any type of cargo you throw at it.  Not only does the liner protect against scratches, it also makes the bed of your truck dent resistant.  Our product is sprayed on thicker than our competitors, the added thickness only helps to protect your bed for the life of your vehicle.

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