Ask the Christian Living Expert – Pastor Philip Robe-From


Ask the Christian Living Expert – Pastor Philip Robe-From

My Phone is Dead

Have you ever noticed how much care we take to ensure our phones don’t discharge to zero battery?

A small fortune can be spent on a charger and the correct charging cable if they become lost when you are travelling. The dread of a dead battery and the resultant missed emails, texts, and social media check-ins is too much to bear! An important call could be missed because of a dead battery. We charge our devices to avoid this disaster.

Broken cords are promptly replaced. Lost cables are purchased or borrowed immediately to avoid the unthinkable-a dead battery.

It’s about more than a dead battery.  This has to do with a loss of connection to friends, family, work, and others.  We strive to maintain the link to the world.

What about you?  When’s the last time you charged your life’s battery?  Do you spend as much time in spiritual renewal as you do charging your phone?

Your mind and soul need a regular recharge too.  If you don’t take time to go for a walk, to pray and have a time to sing and recharge yourself, your battery will die and you’ll lose your connection.

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