Ask the Furniture Expert – Gabriel Camsell


Ask the Furniture Expert – Gabriel Camsell

Leather or Upholstery: Which Best Suits You?

Leather/Bonded Leather/Faux Leather:

These options come in variety of colors, textures and material combinations.

Options and features to be aware of: These materials can be wiped clean and do not readily stain. Good for high traffic areas and daily use. If you have young children or pets these types of material stand up well to the demands of a busy household. Leather also retains its color and fades less from exposure to sunlight.  For some individuals that find leather to be too cold during our winter month’s polyester faux leather options may be a better match for you. The ‘worn leather’ style of faux material has a warmer/softer feel than traditional bonded leather. Polyester faux leather offers a durable and easy to clean material alternative.


Fabric upholstery comes in a wider range of colors and patterns which offers a wider range of interior design options.

Options and features to be aware of: Upholstered furniture has a warm and welcoming feel that many find comforting during those cold winter months. With Dynasty’s custom order options you can pick a specific color or pattern to suit your color scheme. Though staining is often a concern with upholstery a water based Teflon spray can protect your furniture from accidents and spills.


How much traffic and wear will my furniture need to stand up to?

Will young children or pets frequently use my furniture?

Do I prefer a warmer or cooler feel to my furniture?

Will my furniture be exposed to much direct sunlight?

As with any large purchase you should look to protect your investment. 5 year extended warranties are available and cover a very broad range of stains and material damage. Warranty on upholstery comes with water based Teflon spray coating. From Pets to paint we have you covered.    780-532-4940.