Ask the Alberta Legislature Expert – Ric McIver


Ask the Alberta Legislature Expert – Ric McIver

Premier Fiddles While Alberta Jobs Burn

The NDP government has chosen to call a by-election at the same time as a federal election is in full swing. The vote is on September 3 – the day before the last long weekend of summer. Premier’s strategy is clearly to have a low voter turnout in hopes of making a good showing while possibly losing.

Whose interest does this serve? In the spring session of the Legislature, the NDP outlawed corporate and union donations, but did not make it illegal for unions to pay people to campaign full time for the NDP on the union’s dime. The NDP has given itself a two-for-one deal on paid campaigners, able to campaign for the federal and Alberta NDP while Alberta’s critical and real interests – jobs and the economy – wait until after the federal election.

Meanwhile Alberta Employment Insurance (EI) applications are skyrocketing, and the NDP government’s response to these job losses – and Alberta families – is to switch to a “low-carbon, information-based economy.” The NDP government seems willing to sacrifice your job and your kids’ future in hopes of becoming Silicon Valley north. There is no way of knowing if this can work or how many decades it will take. Our PC team will not sit silently by while this happens.

Please join us in calling for the NDP government to save jobs by giving industry stability on royalties, regulations, and rules and by rolling back the corporate tax increase which has already caused jobs to be exported out of Alberta. PC MLAs will keep fighting to save your jobs by maintaining the legislative framework that has given Alberta high wages, high living standards, low unemployment and an abundance of opportunities for our young people for decades. With your help we may be able to make a positive difference. Please join us in this important effort. Your own job may depend upon it.

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