Ask the Sign & Design Expert – James Leppan


Ask the Sign & Design Expert – James Leppan

Why Illuminated Signs are the Perfect Advertising Tools for Start Ups

It is a well-known fact that start-up businesses need to be very careful when it comes to utilizing their finances, especially when compared to the expensive options available to large organizations. Lit-up signage systems can deliver exceptionally high return on investment to small and mid-sized businesses. If you are looking for some affordable means to generate leads, buying these LED signs can be a game changer for your business.

Since they do not contain any complicated or moving parts, they are easy to install and can last for years without issues. With the robust longevity of modern LEDs and high performance long-term vinyl, lit-up signs can be placed and left alone for much longer than ever before. No maintenance, no mess, no fuss.

Lit signs can be the standard light-box style (now very economical) to sophisticated digital signage systems depending on what is needed for your business. Customizing these signs to enhance your brand and identity can provide great impact and effective advertising, day and night. Interior illuminated signs are particularly effective for offices and way-finding or directories.

TrimFX is here willing to offer a complimentary site survey to understand your company’s needs and the scope and unique objective of your business advertising. Our Experts® here can provide recommendations and design concepts to get you started, working with you to meet your budget but exceed your expectations.

Big or small, what attracts the attention of customers is the illumination component – sleek, elegant and noticeable from a great distance. TrimFX is a leader for unique and impactful illuminated signs in Grande Prairie – contact us today at 780.539.7460 or to see what we can do to “enlighten” you and create that dynamic and eye-catching lit-up sign for your business!