Ask the Lingerie and Alteration Expert – Deanna Tanner


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Ask the Lingerie and Alteration Expert – Deanna Tanner

After the whirlwind of buying season, and moving to a larger store on 13th Avenue, we are settling into the comfortable hum of Holiday Shopping Season!

What to get for people who have everything?  Or the person who is picky?

I’ll bet you didn’t think of lingerie!  It’s not just the gift from lovers & fiancés you know.

Every woman needs a little luxury in her life.  And most woman put everyone else’s needs first, so receiving a personal gift can be a very thoughtful idea.

Have a friend who has just had her third child?  Pretty fair bet that she doesn’t get much time to feel girly and pretty.  Why not get her some opaque Kix’ies stay up stockings (no need to have shaved legs – with three kids, who has both legs shaved at the same time anyway?) and some gorgeous lace panties that are machine washable, and have tummy control (because, well, sometimes it doesn’t snap back into shape like it used to!)  Add a gift certificate to babysit for a night out and you are her best friend for life!

What about a niece who is rumoured to be getting engaged this Christmas?  Treat her to an old fashioned trousseau piece like a silky chemise, and satin robe.  Luxury never goes out of style, and neither does thoughtful gift giving!  Let us help you find the perfect gift- call us today at 306-531-6750.