Ask the Furniture Expert – Gabriel Camsell


Ask the Furniture Expert – Gabriel Camsell 

Do you really need a curved 4K/UHD Television?

We all know that T.V.’s are constantly getting thinner, bigger, curved and better. The current offering from most manufacturers is the Ultra High Definition or 4k (4000 horizontal pixels). This increase from 1080p is significant (approximately 4 times better), but what does that actually mean for you? Well to be honest, right now it doesn’t make much difference.  The reason being is the content available. No one currently offers 4K programming for cable, satellite or digital television. The only source that even partially utilizes a 4K resolution is Blu-ray, and even that isn’t full 4K UHD. So if you’re considering purchasing a new television I would suggest going with a regular HD 1080p set, which will cost you significantly less then the new 4K models. Give movie and T.V. producers a year or so to catch up with content. Not only will you get what you’re actually paying for, you will likely pay less.

A few other points to look for when picking your Television:

Pick a model with at higher refresh rate depending on what you plan to watch. This will help reduce motion blur if you’re watching sports or action movies.


How many HDMI inputs/outputs do you need? With console gaming, media hubs, stereo systems and other external devices you want make sure you have the right number of ports.


Do you need a smart T.V.? If you already have a gaming console, media hub or computer that you connect with your T.V. you may not need to spend the extra coin.


Finally, don’t get a curved screen. They don’t actually increase the viewable area of your screen and often will distort the image. Don’t spend extra dollars on a feature that actually takes away from your viewing experience.