Ask the Childhood Hunger in Vancouver Expert – Joanne Griffiths

Ask the Childhood Hunger in Vancouver Expert – Joanne Griffiths

Childhood hunger affects millions of Canadian children every year – and we’re here to help!

We know it’s hard to comprehend, however, many children in our inner city schools go hungry on the weekend, which impacts their ability to learn and grow. Backpack Buddies is a Vancouver based charity that is dedicated to empowering and inspiring people to put an end to childhood hunger, once and for all!

That’s not everything! We strongly believe in providing an opportunity for children to help other children in their community. That is why we partner schools with inner city schools. The partner schools fundraise and pack the backpacks full of food for delivery. On Friday’s the Backpack Mobile picks up the packs from our donor schools and delivers them to our inner city students that are living with weekend hunger.

Through this program, we provide enough food for the weekend to 460 kids bi-weekly. With your support we can fight childhood weekend hunger every week.

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