Ask the Excavation Expert – Warren Schneider, President


Building in the City VS Acreage

When building a new home you may find yourself in the predicament of deciding between Urban and Rural living. Other than the obvious differences of no Garbage man and an abundance of open space there are a few things to think about. Firstly on most acreage living you have to get your water from either a well, Cistern or Dugout. Other than obviously costing money for these to be installed they are quite different then just opening your tap in the city. When dealing with well and dugout water tests should be done to determine what type of filtration system is needed. These filtration systems can be very costly not only to set up but also come with a monthly cost of operating them. When it comes to a water Cistern normally no filter system is needed because the water being delivered is already treated by the City. Some may be lucky enough to be on an existing water co-op but some may need to haul water. Living in the City isn’t free either we all pay a monthly fee for these necessities. These are just a few things we may take for granted and overlook when moving out of the city.

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