Ask the Flooring Expert – Kevin Brooks

Ask the Flooring Expert – Kevin Brooks

The Beauty of Hardwood

A natural material of the highest quality, it is smooth to the touch, and available in warm and inviting colours. It creates a breathtaking decor, which is the key to adding value to your home.

Floor That Lasts

A hardwood floor every bit as strong and beautiful 25 years after it was installed. That’s important to keep in mind when choosing a floor covering, don’t you think?

Your Style

Design Flooring offers a wider selection of wood species, stains, and finishes than any other pre-finished hardwood on the market.

A World of Creativity

Create your own personal style using inserts of contrasting coloured strips, or defy tradition by combining several directional layouts within the same room, bordered with inserts.


Purchasing a Mirage floor is a solid investment, today and for years to come. Mirage’s warranties are as follows:

  • Lifetime limited structural warranty
  • 25 year warranty on wear and tear for residential
  • 3 year warranty on wear and tear for light
    commercial applications

All hardwood floors give you peace of mind for years to come. For more information please give us a call at 403-528-9200 or visit our website at