Ask the Glass Repair Expert – Ron Beauchesne

Ask the Glass Repair Expert – Ron Beauchesne

At Speedy Glass® we are proud of our ‘repair first’ promise where we always try to repair a chipped windshield before replacing it, usually saving you both the time and money involved with a replacement.

Step 1: Preparing the damaged area for repair

First, we make sure the chip is as clean as possible so that our special resin that we use to repair the chip sticks to the windshield properly.

Step 2: Filling the chip damage with resin

Next, we place a special device over the damaged area that creates a vacuum. Once all the air has been sucked out, the chip is filled with resin.

Step 3: Hardening the resin

We then use a special UV-Light tool to harden the resin. The resin takes approximately 3 minutes to completely harden.

Step 4: Finishing the job

Once the resin is dry, we clean the windshield of any excess resin and polish the repair to ensure the surface is completely smooth. The repair is now complete.