Ask the Granite Expert – Arlen Jalbert

Ask the Granite Expert – Arlen Jalbert

Work-top Care

Hardwearing Stone – Unlike marble and limestone, granite is the least affected by acids or alcohol. It shouldn’t be damaged from standing hot utensils on it or by sharp knives.

Stones Are Porous – To reduce the possibility of granite absorbing liquids we treat the surface with a sealer that penetrates the surface and fills the microscopic voids between the crystals. Be aware that with the lighter colored granites you may experience slight darkening of the stone in areas where water has been allowed to stand, but this should fade away as it dries out.

Acids and Alcohol – Fruit juices, (particularly lemon), wines, vinegar and beetroot, nail polish remover or any other solvent or oil based products can absorb into work-top surfaces so wipe up any spills immediately to maintain the luster of your granite.

Daily Cleaning – Use warm water with a mild detergent (dish washing or hand soap). Always use a clean towel or wash cloth and dry when finished. Apply a polish spray to shine up the surface once or twice a week, depending on how much you use your counter tops. We also carry an assortment of products to maintain your granite.

Chips & Scratches – Call us if you have any concerns about chips or scratches in or on granite: 403-526-4821 or visit our website at for more details.