Ask the Low Level Laser Therapy Expert – Liz Mock


Healing always occurs on the cellular level. But when a person has painful joints, rigid muscles, aching limbs and sore painful areas for a long period of time, it’s as if the body became “stuck” in it’s healing ability.

When a person is injured, the normal healing mechanism is a wonderful cascade of functions that happen one right after another in a beautiful ballet. Inflammation is one of the first functions. This is very familiar to us from childhood when a bump or a scrape immediately turned red. A red mark is one of the first signs of healing, it means that inflammation has started and in this case is benign and helpful. Inflammation means that the body is flooding the area with healthy increased blood flow to bring in oxygen, nutrition, germ fighting blood cells and blood clotting factors. Inflammation means that the body is working fast! Each function happens in a prescribed fashion, each one causing the next one to begin.

Ideally, inflammation is supposed to do it’s job and then leave. But, as adults, we often interfere with healing. For example, daily computer key-work causes painful wrists. We can’t afford to quit work, nor to rest. So we keep using those wrists. So in this scenario the area is constantly being irritated, meaning that inflammation, the first line of healing, is constantly being called upon.

There comes a point where we have overridden our body’s natural healing cascade too many times. When this happens, inflammation becomes a permanent guest. Our tissues are not meant to be inflamed constantly, and so instead of causing healing, inflammation starts to cause damage. Inflammation becomes a bad thing, instead of a natural thing.

Low Level Laser is able to move the cells past this inflammatory stage and back into the healing cascade.

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