Ask the Medical Cosmetics Expert – Dr. Burger

Ask the Medical Cosmetic Expert – Dr. Burger

We seem to be living in strange times….sometimes stranger than others.

I talk to many people on a daily basis and certain themes are constant no matter their walk of life.

If a person was negative they would say these are terrible, bad times:

Our easily accessible planet has a downside – the speed at which we can circumnavigate the globe means more cases of Influenza when travelling from the warm humid Tropics to cold dry Alberta, political unrest makes many people hesitant to travel at all and the US-Canadian Dollar seesaw is not our friend in Canada right now. The result is many people stay home and keep their heads down until the storms on many fronts have passed.

Since I am a glass-half-full kind of person, I believe this can be turned to our advantage. When there is a sleet-storm out, it is not the time for a walk in the rain, but rather an opportunity to clean house and take care of ourselves and our own.

It is stressful out there – make sure to keep yourself healthy. Eat fresh food, don’t waste, recycle all you can and give the rest to your composting worms. Hug your family, be kind to the old man who drives too slowly and get yourself a massage. Pay it forward.

I feel lucky to have a job and am grateful for it and try to balance the scales by giving back some: de-clutter your cupboards and kids’ toy boxes and kitchen drawers and give it to where it is needed. We all know someone we can help. Sometimes the best gift is a bit of our time.

Many fellow small business owners are struggling to stay ahead, from jewlers to clothing store owners and everyone in between. While the world seems to be crazy, let us feel at peace with staying home and spend our cash in Canada. Stay ahead of the stress and take care of your own health. Work at relaxing and not letting stress get you down- the pendulum swings and will return to normal twice for every time it goes to extremes.

There is huge benefit to regular massages for relaxing a person and helping fight stress, letting someone pamper your feet while your head takes a break, buy yourself a lipstick to brighten up your day. You know where to find us 403 529 2006.